Get a health certificate for Corona

With us at DocLab, you can take a quick and flexible PCR test for health certificates performed by trained healthcare professionals, and get a health certificate signed by a doctor within 14 - 28 hours depending on when you take the test. We have clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg and at Arlanda Airport where our experienced care staff will receive you and do a test in a few minutes. We will then send your sample to an accredited laboratory. After that, your test result and health certificate will be sent via email the next day latest at 12:00 PM if everything has gone well with the laboratory analysis.

PCR test for health certificate

Most workplaces and trips today want a health certificate that is taken through a PCR test. With us, you who are healthy and asymptomatic for the past 7 days can do a nasopharynx test that takes about 5 minutes and you usually get your test result and health certificate the very next day. The sample is sent to an ISO-certified and accredited laboratory that complies with the Swedish Public Health Agency's requirements. We then issue your health certificate in English and it is signed by a doctor.

How do I get the certificate?

You usually receive your corona health certificate the day after your sampling. The certificate is sent digitally and encrypted to your email address. You can then print this. Do not forget to check your spam if you have not received your email in your regular inbox.

What does the medical certificate contain?

The health certificate is issued in English and contains:

  • Negative test result

  • Date and time of sampling

  • full name

  • Date of birth

  • Signature of doctor

  • Passport number

Covid-19 test for health certificate at DocLab

DocLab is one of Stockholm's largest companies in PCR sampling for health certificates

and here we perform daily sampling for Covid-19 and issue health certificates for your work or the like! In addition to PCR testing, you can also perform antigen testing, a so-called rapid test, which in the event of a negative test result generates a healthy certificate, as well as antibody testing that shows if you have developed antibodies after a previous period of illness. Book your test for a health certificate or antibody test directly here on our website!

If you feel sick and want to know if you have Covid-19, contact 1177 for further referral.